Alldry were involved in bird netting for our local council. Netting all the flats so that the birds (guava) doesn’t get over the windows seals etc.  All there Health and Safety procedures were up to standard and the work was completed on schedule.

We have an industrial factory unit manufacturing paper bags.

Alldry quickly and promptly fixed our roof and did it in a way as not to disturb our factory line assembly and we are very grateful as it saved us money and stopped us having to shut down the machinery.

The roof at the top of our lift shaft of our Romford office was leaking, Alldry did a great job that was too much trouble for other roofing companies

We had a leaking flat roof on an extension and water pouring in Alldry replaced our roof with a new felt roof which looks great and Alldry were punctual, clean and polite

On the advice of Alldry we changed our tired looking and leaking roof to a new slate roof which is now a feature of our house and is commented on by many passers-by. The finishing touches to the fascias and gutters really made a difference.

Our new white fascias and gutters improved the whole appearance of front of house and gave it a new lease of life.

During the 10 days that passed since the teriffic thunderstorm that caused damage leaving a hole in the roof open to the sky, I had rung numerous roofers, some of which stated they “did not do repairs, only whole roofs”!  While others promised to call round, but not one person actually came.  That one call to you has saved my sanity.” – just to fix a small repair for Alldry was no trouble